2017 TDEC Energy Camps Promote Energy Education

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s (TDEC) Office of Energy Programs held two no-cost Energy Education Camps in June at Montgomery Bell and Pickwick Landing State Parks. The three-day educational sessions, directed by the Office of Energy Programs’ Angela McGee, were desgined to provide k-12 educators with information and resources needed to actively engage and involve their students in learning about energy and energy conservation in the classroom.  Educators left the camps with energy-related classroom materials valued at over $200.

Measuring Plug Loads, Montgomery Bell State Park

Measuring Plug Loads, Montgomery Bell State Park

Camp Sessions focused on a variety of energy lessons such as plug loads, a solar scavengar hunt, an Electric Circuits KitBook demonstration, and a game of Energy Jeopardy.  Participants  also competed in teams to build  energy efficient houses using recycled materials.

To further broaden the reach of the Energy Education Camps, the Office of Energy Programs will also look to hold several one-day Energy Camp Workshops around Tennessee in the upcomming program year.  For more information, contact Energy Camp Director Angela McGee at angela.mcgee@tn.gov or (615) 532-7816.

2017 Energy Camp Feedback: “The hands-on activities were excellent and I loved walking away with materials I can use in my classroom.” -Malcom Sanders, Millington Middle School

“[Energy Camp] opened my mind to alternatives sources of energy as well as how to use energy more efficently.” -Debra Gann, McKissack Middle School

Solar Balloon Experiment, Pickwick Landing State Park

Solar Balloon Experiment, Pickwick Landing State Park

“I was able to develop concepts and ideas to better meet the needs of my students.  I am excited about sharing what I learned with other educators.” -Alyson Gunster, LaVergne Lake Elementary

“This has been the BEST PD I have ever participated in. The activities were great and I can’t wait to try them in my classroom. The fellowship with other science teachers has been inspiring and enlightening.”  – Leanne Shell, Etowah City School

“Wow! I had no idea how fun it could be learning about ENERGY! I loved all the hands-on activities. I have learned so many ideas I can take back to help my students. I met so many kind, helpful teachers from all over Tennessee. The setting at Pickwick Landing State Park was amazing.” – Chris King, Smyrna Primary School

“I really enjoyed the energy camp! The presenters did an excellent job. I think the format and pacing was better than at any other workshop I’ve attended. I also appreciate that the activities presented came with a lesson plan and that they could be used with a variety of grade levels and topics. Mr. Basconi’s kit book is one of a kind. I really wish there were other science concepts explained as simply and as thoroughly with a hands-on approach as he’s done in his book. You’ve really created a workshop that can be applied in the classroom.” – Amy Steinbrink, Munford Middle School