Free Energy Forum in Franklin, TN, June 12


Check out this free, half-day energy forum in Franklin, TN, on June 12 at the Franklin Police Headquarters. Offered by The TREEDC in conjunction with the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative, the forum will feature presentations on various energy efficiency solutions, covering topics like low-cost and no-cost efficiency upgrades for buildings, waste to energy projects, solar technology and battery powered vehicles. For more info, click here.

Prospective Legislation That Can Save You Money through Energy Efficiency

Bipartisan Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act S. 761 promotes energy efficiency in the residential and commercial sectors.

Pending legislation, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, S. 761, encourages energy efficiency upgrades through tax credits, state grant programs, research and development funding, and more stringent efficiency standards for building codes. It could save you money at home and at work.

Specifically, the bill calls for:

  • Strengthening national model building codes to make new homes and commercial buildings more energy efficient while working with states and private industry to make the code-writing process more transparent;
  • Providing competitive funding to states for commercial building energy-efficiency;
  • Encouraging the DOE to work with private sector partners to invest in the research, development and commercialization of innovative energy-efficient technology and processes for industrial applications; and
  • Establishing a volunteer DOE program – SupplySTAR – to help improve the efficiency of corporate supply chains.

S. 761 is supported by diverse groups like the National Association of Manufacturers, the Alliance to Save Energy and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

S. 761 contains no energy efficiency “mandates” for states (mandatory building codes) and businesses, in contrast to New York City and Boston’s recently passed bills requiring mandatory energy benchmarking using Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.

Click Here to read S. 761 and to track it as it moves through the House & Senate.

You Are An Important Piece of Your Organization’s Energy Puzzle: Collaboration Yields Savings

puzzle piece
May 8, 2013 – Chattanooga, TN
:  Collaboration seemed to be the word of the day at the first-ever CRMA Energy Summit.

We often see ourselves as individual players within the larger system of the organization; looking at our immediate needs with little regard given to larger, systemic issues. But, understanding corporate goals across business divisions and being able to universally communicate the benefits of smart energy management practices can save money and energy while making you an important part of your organization.

At the CRMA Energy Summit, Dr. Ken Currie of the TTU Industrial Assessment Center said that we typically place production needs at odds with the operational goals of energy reduction. However, once you get everyone talking, you begin to see where possible savings can occur, and make system-optimal decisions that correct missteps or miscommunications that waste energy. Without collaboration, individual perspectives may be biased, or not have enough information to make decisions that put the organization first. Read More…



May 8, 2013 – Chattanooga, TN: The road to energy improvement starts now! The Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association’s first ever Energy Summit represents a new partnership that pairs private businesses, public agencies, and members of the non-profit sector to offer powerful solutions to energy use in the industrial sector. While this is just the first event, future summits will benefit from a strong foundation. The partnerships forged through this year’s Energy Summit will enhance coordination among agencies, use resources (like time) more efficiently, and help eliminate duplicate efforts to deal with the challenges of operating an energy efficient facility.

With the early support of a wide range of public and private agencies, including, EPB, TVA, and Wacker Polysilicon, future Energy Summits are likely to offer real opportunities for change. Taking this collaborative approach helps make progress on an issue, inform substantive public policies, and create constructive dialogue across the broader community. With that, we look forward to engaging with CRMA on future energy-related events.

New TVA Board Member Mike McWherter Speaks at TREEDC-Johnson Controls Luncheon

Seated from left to right – Jenny Wright, TVA; Jackson City Councilman Ernest Brooks, II, Mike McWherter, TVA Standing from left to right – Penny Judd, TVA, Bill Owen, TREEDC and Warren Nevad, UT-MTAS/TREEDC

Seated (l to r) – Jenny Wright, TVA; Jackson City Councilman Ernest Brooks, II; Mike McWherter, TVAStanding (l to r) – Penny Judd, TVA; Bill Owen, TREEDC; Warren Nevad, UT-MTAS/TREEDC 

Jackson, TN – TVA Board Member Mike McWherter spoke at the Tennessee Renewable Energy Economic Council (TREEDC) Renewable Energy Luncheon on April 22, 2013 at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Jackson, Tennessee. A total of 80 interested attendees also witnessed the TREEDC launch of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s (TDEC) Energy Education Initiative. This Initiative will be delivered in connection with TREEDC Diamond Member Pathway Lending and other statewide energy resource providers and will provide in depth training and educational tools. TREEDC will be providing 5 forums across this state as part of this program.

Joe Bond of Johnson Controls and Greg Palko of Oak Ridge National Laboratory provided a Powerpoint presentation of ORNL’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. The luncheon Powerpoints will be available shortly online at Attendees also participated in an interactive energy survey conducted by Rick Marsh, Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency Network. Molly Cripps and Katie Southworth of TDEC shared details of the state’s qualified energy conservation bond program, which has a $64 million dollar allocation. Read More…

Join us this Wednesday at the Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association (CRMA) Energy Summit.

Join us this Wednesday at the Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association (CRMA) Energy Summit.

Hear keynote addresses about the Smart Grid, a TVA update, and discussion about solar power in Tennessee, from Harold DePriest, EPB President, Rob Manning, TVA Executive Vice President and Chief Energy Delivery Officer, and Konrad Bachhuber, Wacker Polysilicon.

Breakout sessions include:

  • Alternative energy trends, renewable energy’s role in energy management, and combined heat and power solutions
  • Briefing on industrial energy resources, including real-time survey with audience participation
  • Monetizing energy solutions and the road to funding

Find out more about this event and the CRMA here.

Tennessee Chamber Makes the Business Case for Smart Energy Use

manf. excellence summit signs

Over 100 business leaders and policy makers discuss the importance of efficiency and energy management in the workplace.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry partnered with the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative to take a “deep dive” into the topic of industrial energy use at its 2013 Manufacturing Excellence Summit. Ned Monroe, Senior Vice President for External Relations, National Association of Manufacturers, welcomed the crowd of over 100 people and kicked off the workshop by discussing the growing importance of smart energy management practices.

Throughout the day, members of national associations, private industry, and the Tennessee State Government echoed the same sentiment: It’s time for business to take a strong look at sustainable, smart energy practices.

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Overheard at the Manufacturing Excellence Summit: What’s the market for energy efficiency?

Manuf Excellence Summit

Panelists from “Effectively Leveraging Your Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Story” (left to right): Rick Marsh, Industrial Energy Efficiency Network; Heidi Smith, TVA Sustainable Community Program; Cortney Piper, Piper Communications; Adam Kustin, Shelton Group

Everyone is talking about energy efficiency, but does the consumer really care?

If you’re reading this, you understand that sustainable business practices could mean big things for Tennessee. Here’s a fact to support that: Tennessee industry could save 2000–4000 gigawatts of energy annually through efficiency measures (that’s 8% of total state use).

So efficient practices could mean big things, but does anyone really care? The short answer is yes, more and more consumers care. So, your business should care too.

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New lower interest rates announced for energy improvement loans!

Tennessee businesses looking to make energy improvements may have just the motivation they need thanks to a newly lowered interest rate of 2 percent on five-year loans. Available through Pathway Lending, the loan is offered as part of their Energy Efficiency Loan Program in collaboration with TVA, the State of Tennessee, and Pinnacle National Bank.

TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau announced that the interest rate has been lowered to in order to make the program even more beneficial and accessible to Tennessee businesses at the Tennessee Environmental Conference held in Kingsport.

The 2 percent rate is available on five-year loans to businesses that undertake energy projects that include energy-saving measures. Standalone renewable energy projects are eligible to receive ten-year loans at five percent interest.

Read the full press release here: Energy Efficiency Loan Program Interest Rate Lowered, Increases Savings Opportunities For Tennessee Businesses