We have assembled a variety of resources to assist in your efforts to plan and implement energy improvements. You have the option to browse the categories above, or search by keyword or browse resources by event to the right.

Behavior Change from Individuals to Institutions – Keynote by Mike Vandenbergh

Presentation by Mike Vandenbergh, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University; Co-Director, Energy, Environment, & Land Use Program; Director, Climate Change Research Network presentation video


Best Practices in Sustainable Multi-family Housing

Presentation by William Carson, VP Operations Strategy & Director of Sustainability, McCormack Baron Salazar video


Bi-County Landfill: Harnessing the Power of Methane

Presentation by Pete Reed, Director, Bi-County Solid Waste video


Bike Share – A Better Way to Travel

Presentation by Philip Pugliese, Bicycle Coordinator, Outdoor Chattanooga; Kim Hawkins, Urban Design Architect, Metro Nashville Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee; Bill Nesper, Vice President of Programs, The League of American Bicyclists video



The U.S. Department of Energy offers a comprehensive overview of biofuels in transportation. Please visit http://www.eere.energy.gov/basics/renewable_energy/biofuels.html for additional information.

Biomass Research

The University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture houses the Center for Renewable Carbon, which endeavors to consolidate “research, teaching and outreach programs related to bioenergy production and biomaterials processing into one cohesive unit.” For more information, visit http://renewablecarbon.tennessee.edu/

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory oversees the Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network (BFIN), which includes research findings, news and links to countless resources on bioenergy. For more information, visit https://bioenergy.ornl.gov

Bond Financing & Eligible QECB Projects – National Perspective from the Energy Programs Consortium

Presentation by Elizabeth Bellis, Energy Programs Consortium presentation


Bond Financing & Eligible QECB Projects – UNC School of Government Environmental Finance Center

Presentation by Glenn Barnes, UNC School of Government Environmental Finance Center presentation


Bond Financing & Eligible QECB Projects – The Public Finance Perspective

Presentation by George Masterson, Member, Bass, Berry, & Sims presentation


Building Sustainable Communities – The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis Story

Presentation by Greg Webb, Director of Construction & Retail Operations, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis video