“Lean and Green” Energy Savings at Smithfield Manufacturing

Presentation by Ron Smithfield, President, Smithfield Enterprises Inc. video presentation


2014 Fuel Economy Guide

In time for the holidays, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy released the 2014 Fuel Economy Guide


Alternative Energy, Conservation, and Energy Efficiency

Presentation by Steve O’Neil, Managing Partner, Consensus Energy presentation


Capstone Turbine Corporation: E-Finity Distributed Generation

Presentation by Jeff Beiter, Managing Partner, E-Finity Distributed Generation presentation


Changing Behaviors in the Workplace – Employee Engagement at Clayton Homes

Presentation by Andy Hutsell, Engineer, Clayton Homes presentation video


CHP Financing in Practice

Presentation by Justin Rathke, Vice President of Sales, Capstone Turbine presentation


Combined Heat and Power Capturing an Opportunity

Presentation by Jennifer Kefer, Senior Program Manager, Alliance for Industrial Efficiency presentation


Commercial Energy Efficiency in Tennessee – energyright® solutions

Through its participating local power companies, TVA offers several energy efficiency resources for Tennessee businesses as part of its energyright® solutions for your business program. Qualifying businesses can take advantage of a TVA-certified facilities assessment and earn incentives for installation of recommended energy efficiency improvements such as lighting, heating and cooling and mechanical upgrades.

TVA also offers an online Business Energy Advisor tool, which equips business managers and other decision makers with information to make energy-saving improvements to their buildings and operations.

For more information, please visit http://www.energyright.com/business/

Compressed Air Repair Implementation

Presentation by Kevin Whitehead, Senior Tech, TVA (Retired) and Kenley Allen, Energy Analyst, Yates Services at Nissan-Decherd video presentation


Delivering Positive ROI on Energy Improvements

Presentation by Steve Tuttle, Director, Facilities, Brother International Corporation video