2014 Fuel Economy Guide

In time for the holidays, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy released the 2014 Fuel Economy Guide


Appalachian Voices – Non-Profit Supporting Energy Efficiency in the Southeast

Appalachian Voices, a nonprofit organization that promotes energy efficiency in the southeast region, has created a one-stop shop resource for programs and incentives offered in eight southeastern states, including Tennessee. This interactive resource allows residents to search for energy efficiency programs in their community. For more information, visit the Energy Savings Action Center at http://appvoices.org/saveenergy/.

Biomass Research

The University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture houses the Center for Renewable Carbon, which endeavors to consolidate “research, teaching and outreach programs related to bioenergy production and biomaterials processing into one cohesive unit.” For more information, visit http://renewablecarbon.tennessee.edu/

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory oversees the Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network (BFIN), which includes research findings, news and links to countless resources on bioenergy. For more information, visit https://bioenergy.ornl.gov

Energy Efficiency Finance Programs: Use Case Analysis to Define Data Needs and Guidelines

This study takes a foundational step toward the establishment of common data collection practices across energy efficiency finance programs. The paper reviews existing practices for data collection for energy efficiency financing programs and, based on discussions with various stakeholders, identifies high-priority data needs, characterizes potential uses for finance program data, and identifies use cases for various key stakeholders. Download the guide.

SEEAction – EE Finance Programs – Use Case Analysis – Data Needs Guidelines 07 2014

Federal Resources – Hydroelectric Power

The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency websites provide news, information and interactive maps and video on hydroelectric power. For more information, visit http://energy.gov/science-innovation/energy-sources/renewable-energy/water and http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-and-you/affect/hydro.html

The Energy Information Agency (EIA) provides relatively current data on hydroelectric production and consumption. For more information, visit http://www.eia.gov/cneaf/solar.renewables/page/hydroelec/hydroelec.html

Institutes for Sustainable Research Development & Deployment – Georgia Institute of Technology

Presentation by Howard Wertheimer, Director, Capital Planning & Space Management, Georgia Institute of Technology presentation


Institutes for Sustainable Research Development & Deployment – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Presentation by Martin Keller, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory presentation


Office of Energy Programs Holds Energy Session at Environmental Show of the South

New Entrants in Electric Generation in Tennessee Valley” at the 43rd Annual Environmental Show of the South on April 30, 2014 in Gatlinburg, TN teei-sm-icon-presentation (more…)

Study: Energy Efficiency is Least-Cost Energy Resource for Utilities

A new report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) finds energy efficiency to be the “least-cost energy resource option that provides the best value for America’s energy dollar.” (more…)

Tennessee Market Survey: Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Business & Industry

In conjunction with the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative, Shelton Group conducted a comprehensive survey of Tennessee businesses in selected industries to better understand the participation propensities for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives and to determine key motivators and drivers within market segments. teei-sm-icon-presentation (more…)